SwingLean Senior Instructor Filip Njegovan

I first met Filip while traveling to Croatia in 2013, with my husband Mark Reifkind, to teach a kettlebell filip-and-meInstructor Certification course in Rijeka.  Filip was attending, as a candidate, earning his certification over the three day event.   I was immediately impressed with Filip’s skill as well as strength, clearly passionate about teaching and training kettlebells, and also about living a strong and healthy lifestyle.  I was thrilled when he approached me this year (2016), while at another Kettlebell certification course in London where we were both assisting, about how I lead my swing classes.  I didn’t have to think twice about asking him to be part of SwingLean’s Team of helping to build an international presence!
The timing was perfect as after the UK event I was headed to Croatia to lead SwingLean classes and a 2 hour Workshop. Filip had already studied and applied much of what I wrote about in The Swing, and understood my progressions and programming.  He immediately saw the potential SwingLean could have to help so many establish a regular exercise program using the kettlebell swing.  And for these reasons I introduce to you, Filip Njegovan, SwingLean Senior Instructor.
My name is Filip Njegovan, I’m 28 years old, living and working in my hometown Rijeka, Croatia. I’m writting down short story about myself, how I became interested in kettlebells, how and why I became a SwingLean Senior Instructor. 


I was into sports from young age, karate and basketball were my main occupations, but I was always battling with being overweight. That was one of the reasons why I had constant issues with my coaches, and why I quit with karate and basketball when I was in high school(16y) and I decided that I need to do something about it. Obvious choice was to start going to the Gym. I lost the weight, and stayed in that gym for 6 years, doing classic bodybuilding type of training. 
One day, I decided I had enough of it. The problem was that I was not enjoying my training anymore. After few weeks of being in denial,I finally decided that I needed something else, and discovered Kettlebells. Went to my first workshop and I liked it. After almost one year of training, I got an opportunity to start working at the gym where I was going to Kettlebell classes. Honestly I was not so sure about it, because every other job I had was quite the opposite of that. But I took it, and that was one of the best decisions I ever made. I started to go on workshops and seminars as much as I could, and year after I was certified kettlebell instructor and knew exactly what type of instructor I wanted to be, and what kind of trainings/programs/classes I want to teach. And 4 years after, with few more certs and bunch of workshops and seminars, both as a student and as a teacher, here I am, doing all my best to be that kind of instructor/teacher that I want to be.
Beside training, and everything around it, I have few other points of interest. My wife Tamara (pictured below), our cats, books, music and ink. Also, I’m vegan. And yes, you can be strong and healthy with plant based diet. 
That is practically it, in short lines. My mission is to help everyone to be healthy, mobile and strong. My tag line is, “Movement, Strength, Longevity”. Something we all need to thrive, and SwingLean is a proven way to get it!
If you are interested in hosting, booking, or attending a SwingLean event in Croatia:
Programming the Kettlebell Swing, Introduction to SwingLean Workshop (2 hours)
One Hour SwingLean class 
SwingLean Marathon
Here is Filip’s contact information, and you can work with directly with him to schedule a date and cost.
Filip Njegovan SLSI
SMK, FMS, GFM, MaxwellS&C, TRX.
Location: Sportski Centar Srdoci, A.B. Simica 70, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Phone: +385 91 213 0036
Mail: njegovan.filip@gmail.com
Facebook: /njezni.rijeka
photo credit #2, #3, #5, #6, #7  Babaroga@babaroga.photo

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