SwingLean Senior Instructor Tim Harrison

img_3270Tim and I first met in person at the Strength Matters Kettlebell Certification in London, 2015.  Both of us had the similar experience of gaining a large amount of weight, getting rid of it, and finding kettlebell training as inspiration to our new found, permanent, fitness and overall better health.  It was this idea of permanent lifestyle change that I describe as “permanence, not maintenance” that resonated with Tim.

I also shared with him my idea of SwingLean that weekend and it was Tim that was a huge force in helping me move forward with that concept.  The concept of providing simple, fast, effective swing only, or swing based, workout routines that Instructors could learn to teach to their students in groups, 1 on 1, or for home exercisers to learn and do at home, on their own.

tim-before-and-afterAnother thing Tim and I have in common is that we are teachers to our cores!  I am highly impressed with his ability and skill as a kettlebell instructor, watching him qualify for his certification that year, then observing him assist the next year at the second SMK, also in London.  It was an easy decision to ask him to be my first Senior Instructor, helping me and spread the SwingLean program internationally.

Tim lives in Wales, where he runs his own small gym, Tim’s Gym!  He leads a Monday night SwingLean class, but if you don’t live in Wales you can also find some of his SwingLean demonstrations and workouts on Youtube, Tim Harrison, SwingLean part 1Tim Harrison, SwingLean part 2Tim Harrison, SwingLean Give and Take.  Tim is also available to teach SwingLean workshops, One Hour SwingLean and lead the SwingLean Marathon.  Here is how Tim can be reached :

Tim Harrison tim-bicep
Tims Gym
Unit 6, Caersws village workshops.
Station Road
Sy17 5eq.

Swing Lean classes are Monday 8:30 pm.

Tim Girevik Chef Harrison, Senior Swing Lean Instructor.

At the the age of 30 Tim’s wife gave birth to their first child, Maddie-Ane. After a traumatic delivery she was struggling to gain weight, in a misguided attempt and finding out Maddie-Ane’s weight he got on the scales himself. The needle went past 21 stone and in that moment he realised that if he wanted to have a long life fully engaged with his family, just to be a good Dad he had to loose weight. The previous alarm bells of foot pain every morning, not being able to tie his shoes comfortably and feel humiliated having wear a special harness whilst playing on a high wire course had to headed and dwalt with.

tim-and-daughterHe didn’t have much spare time, hardly any money and little space there was only one choice. The Kettlebell Swing was the only tool that could utililise his determination and work capacity to achieve his goal.

With 15 years experience in catering he alrwady new how to eat healthier couple the improved eating habits with regular high intensity kettlebell training in just 9 months Tim had shed over 6 stone!

Then in 2014 during a slight loss of motivation he decided to try and certify as a Strong First SFG kettlebell coach. The certification wasn’t all plain sailing, a shaky double press almost spoiled the weekend. But happily all points were full filled and with ruined hands and tears in his eyes he had gone from fatty fearful daddy to a certified coach.

Soon after his experience in the food industry and public demonstrations landed him the position of Strength Matters magazine food writer with occasional work for breaking muscle too.

The Strength Matters work gave Tim access to the Dan John certification and the new SMK certification where he met Tracy Reifkind. The shared weightloss experience, absolute faith in The Swing and scepticism or downright distain for some of the current advice in the fitness and weightloss world meant they hit off straight away and instantly started planning on working together. They both believe that their joint attitude to permanent change can help many more people who struggle with weight and fitness.

After a few conversations Tracy set Tim a sime video challenges and soon choose to name him as Senior Swing Lean instructor.

The Kettlebell Swing changed Tim like nothing else ever could. Now comfortable in permanently leaner body the Swing has acted as gateway to other activities like barbell work, triathlon and even enjoying occasional runs, which as big guy were horrible.

tim-string-reflection“I never lost weight. I set out to ditch it and achieved that. It’s not like I left my arse on a train hoping to get it back”

Tim Girevik Chef Harrison.

Senior Swing Lean instructor, SMK, SFG Strength Matters food writer, Breaking Muscle coach and proud Daddy to two beautiful daughters.


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