SwingLean Marathon

The SwingLean Marathon (formerly The Swing Quest)

It was in 2011, New Year’s Eve morning, along with my training partner Maribel, I decided to complete 2012 reps, which included mostly swings, but snatches too.  The inspiration for The Swing Quest was born!

(read about, and watch some of the very first 2012 inspiration for SLM here)


Three months later, March 2012,  my book The Swing was published and released!  I realized a need to create a program of only swings, making this New Year’s Day goal accessible to all of my students, especially the ones with limited overhead mobility.  I named the next New Years Day event The Swing Quest 2013, and it was also the year I decided to not only do it once, at the first of the year, but quarterly, every 3 months!  It gave me and my students a goal to train for and motivation to keep our training consistent over months at a time for an entire year!  I was never interested in one time, or one month long “challenges” because I don’t believe those kind of events promote or inspire true long term exercise lifestyle changes.  The first 2 1/2 years my group and I completed about 10 events!


I have renamed this event SwingLean Marathon because that’s what it is!  The 2000+ rep workout, divided into about 4 routines and uses all of my swing progressions to make the time and effort seem to fly by. All workouts are designed using equal work to rest interval training (phase 2)

The SwingLean Marathon is not a “challenge” to do more swings than anybody else on the planet!  It’s a commitment.  A commitment to training regularly, whether it’s swinging a kettlebell or something else.  The point is not to rise to the occasion for a one time event, or one month of extra swings, but to rise to the occasion of your everyday life and live to your physical potential.

read my original blog post “Rise to the Occasion of Your Everyday Life”tracy-and-big-sur

Organized and offered a few times a year so we can all train together for a common goal, I’m modeling The SwingLean Marathon events by comparing them to running race distances of 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, and who knows, maybe some day a full marathon!   Most SwingLean workouts are 30 min (5K), so increasing workloads and conditioning to extend to 50-60 min (10K), and eventually up to 2 hours (1/2 marathon) is completely within reason for most.  A world class runner can complete a full marathon in about that time so let’s all train to be world class SwingLeaners!


THis year, with the launch of SwingLean I’ve put together an online video compilation for anybody to follow along this New Year’s Weekend.  It can also be used to train each workout individually, some day stringing together, working towards that 10K equivalent and then onto a SLM….there’s no rush!  We are all here training throughout the year and welcome you when you are ready 🙂


It’s best if you own a copy of The Swing as you will have most of the workouts written out in shorthand for you to look at and anticipate each set of reps, but that’s not necessary, just turn up the volume and follow my instructions!  Here we go….

This first workout (500 swings) is NOT in The Swing book so I’ve written it down and video taped it especially for this first 2017 event.  I had to customize a new routine to accommodate a student of mine that will be taking his 24kg 200 swing test during this first part of the SLM!  (I thought about joining him….but then I came to my senses!)   On it’s own it’s a perfectly good workout, in fact it’s awesome (if I have to say so myself), so it’ll be a nice place to start 🙂

10 (20), 12 (20), 14, (20), 16, (20), 18 (20)
20, 5/5 + 5/5 x 2 sets, 10/10 x 2 sets
next round is 15 sec work, 15 sec rest-
10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L
10/10 (+2), 10/10 (+4), 10/10 (+6), 10/10 (+8), 10/10 (+10)

whoops, I think we did one extra set of 20….so skip this one and get the next workout ready! (or shorten your last set to 7 reps and you’ll be done that much faster!)

Start The Swing Workout #8 at 5:15min, the third round (page 140 The Swing). Sorry I could not edit it (yet), but since we did so many sets of 10 in the first workout and so many sets of 10R/10L I thought it would be fun to jump into those “swing / transfers” for sets of 20, skipping more sets of 10!  Neither of the next 2 workouts will need editing so if this is the hardest part of the SLM feel lucky about that!

Onto The Swing Workout #10 (page 141).  Finally some 40 rep sets and combining more swing combinations together.  Complete this one for another 600 swing reps down!  Now for the last 500 + 17

And here it is!  The Swing, Workout #6 (page 139).  Seven rounds of 5 sets, repeated 10 or 20 at a time.  A nice way to cruise into 2017!  How will you add on your last 17 reps?  Please share and compare by leaving a comment!

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