In With The New

new-old-out-concept-words-over-street-sign-43924155I love how my mind starts to automatically spin things around to more positive thoughts these days.  As January 1 approached the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” came to mind and it occurred to me that perhaps it was backwards.  Giving attention first to unwanted (old) instead of what was wanted (new) was something I was going to change!  In fact I don’t want to give any attention to anything unwanted, so I will choose to focus only on “in with the new”!  How exciting!

When I think about what “new” means to me, it means fresh, and fresh means free, and free mean ease, and ease means flow, and flow feels good, and good feels hopeful and that feeling of hope is one that inspires me to want for more.  More fun, more lightness, more humor and trust that my life is working out for me just the way it’s supposed to.

What craziness sometimes.

In with the new, in the new, in with the new!

What does “new” mean to you?


One of the things I most missed about 2016 was my training log / blog….I didn’t realize it’s value until recently, and it’s fine.  Nothing lost, only gained.  I gained appreciation for so much I did keep record of from 2006 – 2015 so I will start new again, fresh and free!

Sunday, January 1.

2017 SwingLean Marathon yesterday meant no swings today…and speaking  of yesterday’s event, it was the best ever!  The best because I absolutely love what I do!  I love the people around me, I loved the routine I designed and I loved that I kicked my own ass!

My swing technique has changed over these past 2 years, in large part to being free from some things I choose to let hold me back, and perhaps a little bit of laziness.  Using the right amount of weight, with proper acceleration and power, I admit I was doubled over trying to catch my breath a couple times (okay 3).  It was awesome!  I was able to take myself to an edge that clarified what my training should focus on next (when it comes to marathon style swing training).

And today is a new day!

7:30am- 30 minute walk (I joined Mark for during some of his ruck walk)


bottoms up press practice

10kg 5R/ 5L x 1 set

12kg 5/5 R, 10kg 5/5 L ( don’t know why I didn’t BUP 12kg L, maybe trying to stay light?)

Strict press 14kg

5 R/ 5 L x 5

I figure if I want to BUP the 14kg and 16kg I should start pressing them right side up!

band pull up, and push up practice (3 x 3)

10kg snatch warm up

10kg 1 min snatch set- 100 R/110L

clubbell 10lb shield cast 10 x 2 sets








4 thoughts on “In With The New

    1. Thank you, me too! I think I found myself writing things I thought someone else wanted to read, and it wasn’t feeling right. So now I only want to write what I want to read, notes and reminders to myself about what’s important to focus on. What’s going right and good. Minding my own business and so looking forward to each and every day!


  1. Hi Tracy! I am a one year breast cancer survivor who started the 90 day kettlebell challenge in October. I had been doing weight training for about 6 months prior to the challenge and came across one of your YouTube videos. Thought I would give it a try. I have found an exercise I LOVE that gives me quick results.

    Exercise has been so incredibly healing for me – emotionally and physically. The kettlebell swing has helped me take my control back. Thanks for being such an inspiration and for sharing your workouts on YouTube! I plan on staying cancer-free, and exercise (especially the kettlebell swing) is one of the most important ways I can accomplish this goal!!

    Keep on swinging!!


    1. Hi Sara,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment 🙂 And one so inspiring and validating! There are so many Youtube kettlebell workout videos posted I’m glad you found mine, and they’ve helped you feel in control again….what a nice feeling! My husband Mark has a saying, a phrase I’ve kind of stolen from him, “If I can’t out lift you, I will outlast you!”. The feeling of freedom I found with this exercise is something I will never give up on.
      All the Best-


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