2 thoughts on “Not Generally Speaking

  1. I’ll be interested to hear more about your yoga journey. I find I struggle with fitting in all of the kinds of movement I want for my body in a schedule packed with work, young kids, etc…


    1. Maggie,
      Well, I don’t have a traditional 9-5 job, and the job I do have a large part of it is training and demonstrating Kettlebells, so you can take that workout off the “to do” list. I don’t have young kids, so that frees up another large part of my life, so I might not be there best person to ask! I do recognize how those responsibilities cut into the hours of the day so maybe it comes down to priority, and as you age, need!

      I took almost a year off after I left my Bikram’s practice go and I do believe I suffered loss of flexibility, and the specialized kind of strength and tolerance that training in the heat (104 degrees) builds.

      There are numerous strengths, skills and movements I want to master, too many to count! I do believe in yin and yang, so finding a balance is important to me, and I need something like yoga, or some kind of Body Maintenance (Mark’s program) to compliment my kettlebell training. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more as my journey continues 🙂


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