SwingLean 800

Four weeks into a 4 month ramp up to the SwingLean Marathon I program an 800 swing rep workout as the first training progression, working towards the total of a 2017 rep SLM routine.  A typical SwingLean class is 30 minutes of swings, 600 reps, (always scalable to each individual, so give or take from that total), add 200 reps is about 30% more work, which would take 40 minutes to complete.

My SwingLean Marathon weight is a 16kg, and I would use my marathon weight for all SLM training progressions, but I was short on time this last week.  Remembering that there are different ways to change the intensity of swing training, longer, heavier, faster, I decided to use a lighter weight, but do my reps faster, about 30% less time.  Completing 800 swings in 30 minutes is a 2:1 work/rest ratio, 1 minute of work to 30 seconds rest!  This workout is also completely scalable for a phase 1 or phase 2 routine (adjustments written below workout) .

This months SwingLean subscription workouts are all based on Workout #8 from The Swing book, and that’s why you will see my “swing-transfer” combination practiced and repeated in this workout.  If you haven’t done Workout #8 yet you might want to give it a go first!  This video is only one half of the entire workout that I did last week, because it is 5 sets repeated four times I chose to only lead you through the first two rounds. You can repeat it on your own, or start the video over and I’ll be happy to keep you company!

That being said, you can also scale this workout and do it many times over, changing it to suit your level of fitness and skill.  You may choose to practice the 30 rep option for all, half, or some of the sets/rounds, and pushing yourself to 40 reps as you see appropriate.  So many ways to use this workout multiple times without ever doing it the same, or doing it the same over and over 🙂  Enjoy!

40 2 hd swing (1 min work/30 sec rest)
5R/5L x 4
1 swing, 1 transfer swing x 10 + 10 2 hd sw
1 sw, 1 tr x 10 + 5R/5L
1 sw, 1 tr x 20

phase 1 training is less work, more rest, starting around a 1:2 work rest ratio.  Complete only 20 reps per set at 30 seconds work, 1 minute rest intervals

  • 20 2 hd swings
  • 5R/5L x 2
  • 1 sw, 1 tr x 10 x 3 sets

phase 2 training is 1:1, equal work to rest ratio.  Complete only 30 reps per set at 45 sec work to rest intervals

  • 30 2 hd sw
  • 5R/5L x 3
  • 1 sw, 1 tr x 10 + 10 2 hd sw
  • 1 sw, 1 tr x 10 + 5 R/5L
  • 1 sw, 1 tr x 15 (start with alternating hands each round)


I’ve been playing around with shorter and faster snatch sets, with the focus more on Hardstyle.  I remember the second time Mark and I were in Croatia, at the SFG Instructor Certification and it was there I watched a female candidate complete her snatch test, 10 reps at a time, putting the bell down, and starting each set of 10 every 30 seconds for the 5 minutes.  I’ve been snatching long enough to know that  10 sets of 10, starting and stopping each set,  can be more challenging than a continuous set of 100.

After I sent Pavel my video of how I started training “one rep swing”, or “power swings” he said to Mark that he guessed it would require 35 % more energy to do the same work than if done with the stretch reflex engaged!  One continuous set means only picking the bell up, hiking it back, gaining enough acceleration and power for that first snatch rep only in the beginning, while performing that “first” rep 10 x in 5 minutes does make a difference! Try it…I did!

Here is a set I did with the 14kg just after Xmas time.  I did it again last week, but with an even lighter bell, the 12kg, for 8 minutes (16 sets), and I was surprised at just how challenging and fun it is to train this way!  Put that bell down!  I’m serious, give it a go! 10 reps, every 30 seconds should take 20-22 seconds, leaving 8-10 seconds “rest”, lol


Sunday Snatchaholics

Sunday is a long training morning for me.  I do my press practice first, and I’m thrilled to say that after not pressing heavy for months since my shoulder “accident” in Sept/Oct. I’ve worked my way back to 5 sets of 5 16kg press on my right side (super easy, could’ve probably pressed the 20kg) and 4 sets of 5, 1 set of 3 on my left (accident side).

After presses I do a few heavy swings (5/5 x 5 28kg) and then move on to snatch practice.  Sport snatch is first, one set, one hand switch.  I can’t seem to want to make time to work on this more, so for now I’m simply maintaining about 50/50 reps w/14kg.

One of my ultimate goals is to snatch the 20kg for 10 minutes.  No rep count goal, just time, but of course I want to get as many reps possible, that’s the point.  I’ve done 100 reps in 5 minutes twice, but I surely could not do it right at this moment.  If I really pushed myself, and there’s no reason to want to do something silly like that, I could probably do about 80+ in 5 minutes, it’s a cardio limitation at this point, not strength.  Sunday will be heavy snatch practice, and I’ll see how close I can get in the next weeks before our trip to Israel in March and the beginning of a fairly heavy travel schedule for me this Spring.

Sunday snatch totals
12kg 50/50 5 minutes
100 reps
16kg (30 second sets with 1.5 minute rest)
16 R x 1
16 L x 1
17 R x 4
17L x 4
168 reps
12 kg 10 x 10, on the 30 seconds
100 reps

368 reps

Thursdays will be my snatch speed day, starting a new cycle of “Snatch Vo2” this week 🙂

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